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menu and delivery

Just be open...

for the possibilities.
Instead of a overloaded menu, we focus on the moments full of "mmmmm" ...
We do not accept easy solutions and semi-finished products. Routines and stagnation.
Therefore, get ready for changes ...
In the menu. And in the collection of your impressions.


New menu




Pasta and risotto

Main courses



Hummus, chutney and pesto with bread 29 PLN

Cold smoked Italian meat selection, olives, foccacia 39 PLN

Cheese board, chutney, bread 39 PLN

Beef carpaccio on lettuce with grana padano cheese flakes 29 PLN


Soup of the day 19 PLN

Fish soup with chunks of fish and seafood 22 PLN


Baked sweet potatoes, feta, pesto and tomatoes salad 32 PLN

Caramelized goat cheese, passion fruit and avocado salad with mint sauce 32 PLN

Grilled beef and vegetables salad with honey sauce 35 PLN

Halloumi, melon and fruits salad with vinaigrette sauce 32PLN

Pasta and risotto

Spaghetti with sun dried tomatoes and baby spinach in pecorino cheese flakes 29 PLN

Spaghetti carbonara with Italian speck bacon 29 PLN

Papardelle with mushrooms, parsley and grana padano cheese 35 PLN

Papardelle with duck and rosemary 35 PLN

Tagiatelle with shrimps, seasonal vegetables, basil and lemon in butter sauce 35 PLN

Tagiatelle with matured ham, tomato, rucola, grana padano flakes in wine sauce 35 PLN

Risotto with shrimps, baby spinach and lemon 32 PLN

Risotto with vegetables and creamy cheese 29 PLN

Main courses

Sirloin steak with French fries, lettuce and pepper sauce 69 PLN

Chicken breast, creamy risotto, baby spinach with garlic and butter 39 PLN

Salmon fillet, roasted cauliflower and mango and melon salad 42 PLN

Zander with potatoes cooked in coconut milk with curry and vegetables 49 PLN

Courgette with sun dried tomatoes pesto, roasted sunflower seeds, tomato and almond parmesan 36 PLN

Grilled vegetables with sweet potato fries 36 PLN



Beef burger, vegetables, mayonnaise sauce with harissa 29 PLN

with jalapeno

Beef burger, vegetables, jalapeno, blue cheese sauce, mayonnaise sauce with harissa 32 PLN

with nachos

Beef burger, vegetables, nachos, avocado, roasted peppers paste, mayonnaise sauce with harissa 35 PLN

with potato and toasted cheese

Beef burger, vegetables, potato pancake baked with cheddar cheese, bacon, chutney, mayonnaise sauce with harissa 32 PLN

with halloumi

Beef burger, vegetables, grilled halloumi, grapes, pear, mayonnaise sauce with harissa 35 PLN

with salmon

Salmon burger, salmon ceviche, vegetables, avocado and passion fruit salsa, mint cucumber, mayonnaise sauce with harissa 39 PLN

with goat cheese

Caramelized goat cheese, grilled vegetables, roasted seeds, mayonnaise sauce with harissa 35 PLN