Just invite your guests...
We can organize various types of events: from small and selective up to 10 people, to exclusive standing party for up to 300 people.
We have a very efficient kitchen and unique menu.
And a VIP room/Culinary Studio - the area dedicated to smaller meetings and cooking trainings - with advanced and professional equipment, e.g. multifunctional countertop and hidden induction hobs.
Own microphones, sound system and lighting.
We can provide you everything. Or nothing - means completely empty place. If that’s what you need.

we'll be happy
to help with your event

Just let’s talk...
... and you quickly appreciate the individual approach. Flexibility. Optimization.
We have experience in events.
Amazing space and unique possibilities.
It is known that, many parties end up as Kitchen (Dance) Party ...
Isn't it better to start in the Kitchen right away?